Was Trump’s Syria Strike Legal? Does It Even Matter?

Short answer: Probably not. And no, not really. The strike on Syria may already be old news, but I doubt it’s the last time in this presidency we’ll have to ask ourselves, was that legal? Below, I explore a few questions about Executive war powers and international law, and the biggest question of all: does the law … Continued

The Word of the Year is Fear

If the most-searched words in online dictionaries are any gauge of the collective conscious, the 2016 results for “word of the year” are not encouraging. The Oxford Dictionaries has already given in to “post-truth,” and Dictionary.com to “xenophobia.” Merriam-Webster, meanwhile, put out a clarion call this week to preempt “fascism” as its WOTY. For my personal word of … Continued

Too Close for Comfort

We share an uncomfortable proximity in time with events that, by their sheer horror, feel as though they ought to have occurred in a distant era, when burnt corpses and gang rapes and the systematic murder of thousands of civilians would not have been surprising. Two-thousand years feels like a comfortable remove; we can look … Continued